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Order of the BoozePack

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This will be the live journal for the Order of the BoozePack. This is a convention oriented group, such as Dragon*Con, Fantasm, and any other conventions people wish to attend. The BoozePack is a backpack worn to the last Fantasm convention and is our icon. The phrase "Bite and Suck" was the standard introduction when carrying this around. Check the Fantasm LJ for more stories.

The purpose of this LJ and the corresponding site (not yet up) is to provide an outlet for news for the group, recruit and assist new members and provide a place for both members and other interested parties to share or request information.

On Posting: you have to be a community member to post. to cut down on screen usage, I also request you use LJ cuts for more than one pic. Cross posting is fine as well as linking to other places both in LJ and on the web. Remember, if someone requests that you remove a picture of them, please do so, so I don't have to. All pics posted here must be work safe (if you work in an office, what would your boss say if he/she saw the pic) and any links and cuts to not worksafe material must be clearly labeled

As a long term convention goer, I am a proponent of expressing and learning about other peoples views, but there is a limit to good taste. Refrain from hate postings (there is another LJ group for posts against a specific person) and do not disparage the views of other. This does not mean agree or stay silent, but be constructive in your commenting

Welcome to the Order